It’s all about access!  Once you place your home on the market it is critical that the buyers get access.  If a Realtor® has your home as one of ten to show a buyer and they have to give a specific time and give 24 hour notice, your property may be dropped fro their list.

If a Realtor® is in the neighborhood and suddenly the buyer says they want to see your property, even though it didn’t meet their criteria, it is critical that it can be shown almost immediately, at least within the hour.  That buyer has decided to forego something in their criteria just to see your home.  That is a “Hot” buyer.  

Nothing is worst than seeing on a listing “Owner Occupied Requires 24 hour Notice”!  That truly indicates the seller is not that motivated in selling their property.  

Don’t require your agent, the listing agent, be present for all showings.  Nothing is more difficult than coordinating two busy agents to synchronizing their schedules just so they can show up at your property at the same time.  Just make sure that there is a brochure in your home that will tell the agent and the buyers all the important details they may not notice on their first visit. 

Today’s technology protects your home with our “Supra” lockboxes.  It will record when the agent enters and when the agent leaves your home.  It records the agent’s identity.  It is a very secure system.  I offer some of my seller’s  control of the Supra lockbox, so they can place it outside their door when they know someone is coming to see their home.  

The buyer will spend much more time in your home and be more comfortable when they are there with just their agent. They will be more candid and their agent can address any objections they might have.

It is always so much better for buyers to walk into a home and enjoy the experience rather than being given information on the home.  Let them fall in love with your place, not get the statistics!

Selling a home is all about Access!  If they don’t get in they won’t be bringing an offer.